Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I get my new electrical enclosure?

Two weeks is our standard delivery time to your door on all electrical enclosures. (We build to your specifications, but we are still able to expedite delivery faster than most other suppliers who build electrical control cabinets, transformer cabinets, and other enclosures).

What types of enclosures can West Tool make?

We make it all: indoor and outdoor electrical junction boxes and UL industrial control panel enclosures, free-standing outdoor generator enclosures and interior wall-mount enclosures, and custom-designed waterproof junction boxes and enclosures.

Can I get a custom electrical enclosure built and cut to my specific dimensions?

Yes. We build custom enclosures to virtually any size and dimensions with precision-cut openings for the perfect fit. Please contact our expert electrical enclosure manufacturer team to have us walk you through the process.

How difficult is it to assemble my stainless steel junction box when it arrives?

Unlike other electrical cabinet manufacturers, West Tool Enclosures delivers your stainless steel boxes pre-assembled and ready for wiring which saves you time and money.

What type of latch is utilized on the enclosures?

We manufacture all of our products with a pad-lockable three-point roller latch.

What type of hinge is utilized on the enclosure doors?

We use top-quality stainless steel piano hinges, which run the entire length of the doors on all industrial control enclosures. This is important, especially if your utility enclosure is likely to sustain a little abuse. Stainless steel doors can buckle a little upon impact, and without a hinge running the full length of the door, your outdoor weatherproof electrical enclosures could lose its impenetrability over time. Our full-length hinges solve that problem, and give you a watertight electrical box that will last for years.

What can I expect in regard to confidentiality?

We take pride in securing our customer’s parts, designs, and intellectual property, whether you want a simple or a fully-customized waterproof electrical junction box.

What type of steel is utilized for the electrical enclosures?

West Tool Enclosures specializes in stainless steel, both 304 and 316. Powder-coated carbon steel is available, and of course both are fully configurable.

Is a center post available for all enclosure types?

No post is available on dual-door model electrical cabinet enclosures. Our electrical control boxes feature an overlapping set of doors to provide you the convenience of a wide-open expanse when the doors are open.

What do I need to know about stainless steel enclosures?

We can provide you a great deal of information. Learn more about stainless steel enclosures.

How do I choose the right electrical enclosure for my business?

Electrical enclosures boxes come in various configurations and sizes. If you are trying to find one quickly, the options may be overwhelming. Learn how to choose the right enclosure for your business.

I need a weatherproof enclosure. Are there special ratings or certifications I should consider?

We make a wide variety of weatherproof enclosures, and we can customize them to your specific needs. We are based in Minnesota, so we know mother nature can be brutal, and we build our outdoor electrical enclosures to withstand just about anything. Most of our clients prefer weatherproof NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) enclosures for peace of mind and a long service life.

What is a NEMA enclosure?

A NEMA enclosure box is an electrical enclosure rated by the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association for various industrial applications. It is important to have a NEMA-rated enclosure that is appropriate for your specific application to protect both your equipment, facility, and your personnel. Both indoor and outdoor NEMA enclosures are available.

What are the benefits of a NEMA 3R enclosure?

NEMA 3R enclosures are all-weather resistant including wind, rain, and snow. It is generally considered to be a waterproof electrical box, but is not the most highly rated outdoor enclosure. Learn more about the benefits of NEMA 3R enclosures.

What are the benefits of NEMA 4x enclosures?

NEMA 4x enclosures are among the most highly ranked heavy-duty electrical boxes. NEMA 4x boxes are generally regarded as the most durable and weatherproof outdoor NEMA electrical enclosures. We can even manufacture them with a built-in NEMA 4x enclosure fan for cooling and ventilation. West Tool is increasingly regarded as the nation’s premier NEMA 4 enclosure manufacturer. Learn more about the benefits of NEMA 4x enclosures.

What is a UL enclosure?

A UL enclosure or UL listed enclosure is an electrical enclosure approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories for compliance with federally regulated safety standards. The legalese of the UL electrical enclosure standard can be confusing: “In the United States and Mexico, electrical cabinets and cutout boxes and junction and pull boxes are covered by Clauses 9 and 10 of this Standard. In Canada, junction boxes, cutout boxes, and pull boxes are covered by CSA C22.2 No. 40 and are not covered by this standard.” The point is that different UL electrical boxes are rated for different applications and for different nations. The most common UL industrial control panel enclosures and sealed electrical boxes are UL type 4X and UL type 3R.

What is a UL type 4 enclosure?

A UL type 4 enclosure is an indoor/outdoor electrical enclosure designed to protect against the following: incidental contact, falling dirt, dust, splash, and hose-directed water. A UL type 4X enclosure includes all the same protections but is also corrosion resistant, via the stainless steel option.

What are UL 50 enclosures for electrical equipment?

UL 50 enclosures for electrical equipment is a rating that applies to UL manufacturers, rather than end users. UL 50 cabinets are typically used for UL 508 enclosures.

What is a CT cabinet?

A CT cabinet or “current transformer” cabinet is an enclosure designed to hold a current transformer. Current transformers are used to measure alternating current (AC). They are commonly used at power generating stations, electrical substations, and in industrial plants.

What is the difference between a Hoffman cabinet and the products made by West Tool Enclosures?

There are 2 important distinctions to keep in mind. First, we are the only stainless steel electrical enclosure manufacturer who ships your product completely preassembled. Second, precision cutting, and sizing is extremely important, and we are unsurpassed when it comes to precise craftsmanship. As a bonus, our pricing is extremely competitive, and people often find they save with West Tool Enclosures over Hoffman enclosures, Saginaw enclosures, Hammond enclosures, Rittal enclosures, Hubbel enclosures, Pentair enclosures, Himmel enclosures, Concept enclosures, SCE enclosures, Amp cabinets, and B-line enclosures. There are a lot of different name brands attached to different electrical enclosures. If you want to discuss how we specifically match up with certain competitors, the easiest way would be to contact us.

What are the differences between a NEMA and a UL Type 4 Enclosure?

When it comes to basic electrical safety, in the US there are two major organizations which set and define the safety standards: NEMA and UL. Both these ratings adequately describe the various degrees of protection against access of certain substances like dust and water, although they use different test parameters and methods to define their types of enclosures subsequently. Learn more about the differences between NEMA and UL Type 4 enclosures.

Do stainless steel junction boxes offer corrosion resistance?

In essence, yes, hence the wide application in the manufacture of both NEMA 6P and NEMA 4X, where corrosion resistance is significantly needed. Learn more about how stainless steel junction boxes offer corrosion resistance.

What are the uses for an outdoor NEMA enclosure?

Outdoor NEMA enclosures are usually sealed enclosures that are typically found on external settings and locations such as roofs, exterior walls, decks, as well as other outdoor structures. Due to their prolonged exposure to adverse weather conditions and location, these enclosures, therefore, need to satisfy NEMA requirements correspondent to their subsequent environmental conditions. Learn more about the uses for outdoor NEMA enclosures.

What are the advantages of a weatherproof junction box?

When properly connected, weatherproof electrical boxes effectively seal out weather, which helps prevent moisture from penetrating and subsequently shorting out the connections. Learn more about the advantages of weatherproof junction boxes.

What are the benefits of a NEMA 4x junction box?

NEMA 4 junction boxes afford more excellent protection against various harsh weather conditions. They boast watertight features that make an ideal fit for various industrial applications like safeguarding power systems, outdoor wiring systems, as well as mounted telecommunication gadgets. Learn more about the benefits of a NEMA 4X junction box.

What are the common uses for a NEMA 4 Enclosure?

Courtesy of their moisture protection levels, these enclosures are often utilized in wet (outdoor) applications. For instance, it is not uncommon to find a Type 4 enclosure in dairies, shipping docks, breweries, or even treatment plants. Learn more about the common uses for NEMA 4 enclosures.

How Can I Customize My NEMA 4X Enclosure?

Usually, the process of NEMA 4X enclosure customization starts with the user outlining their unique specifications. This can generally mean the inclusion of additional features either based on a specific size requirement or the setting in which the user wants to use the enclosure, among other factors. Learn more about how to customize your NEMA 4X enclosure.

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