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What Options Are Available for My Outdoor NEMA Enclosure?

custom outdoor NEMA enclosure

NEMA outdoor enclosures are designed to function in a complex set of environmental challenges. They help to shield your electrical components from the rigors of the environment including rain, dust, snow, chemicals, and heat. They also serve to protect personnel from electrocution. Their design, therefore needs to align well with these functions. West Tool Enclosures provides the best NEMA outdoor enclosures on the market.  With a vast catalog of sizes and configurations to choose from.  Get Started here!

Enclosures for Wastewater Treatment Plants

These enclosures serve to protect the pumping control system from the ingress of water, dust, and sleet. West Tool Enclosures (WTE) water treatment enclosures are corrosion resistant and able to withstand water jets and splashing water.

Industrial effluent often contains a range of corrosive chemicals. Risk of corrosion comes from hydrogen sulfide vapors from the sewer decomposition as well as the chemicals used in water treatment such as sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine.

The design options include double and single-door freestanding boxes. Bodies and doors are fabricated from 304 or 316 grade stainless steel. They have continuously welded seams and heavy-duty lifting eyes for secure handling. They come with grounding provisions, continuous stainless steel hinges for the door, and a padlocking mechanism. The doors are sealed with a closed-cell neoprene gasket.

Enclosures for Manufacturing and Chemical Plants

The enclosures, in this case, house numerous electrical components. They protect the installations from various environmental factors including extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, and moisture.

These types of enclosures can withstand weather and solar radiation and the risk of inadvertent water sprays. They feature reliable sealing to prevent the ingress of water and can be fitted with air conditioners for thermal regulation. NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosures can perform well in this case.

Power Supply & Electrical Metering

NEMA outdoor boxes are an ideal solution for metering and power supply applications. WTE electrical enclosures come readily designed for retrofitting meters. Their features include sealing out rain, dust, and snow. In an outdoor setting, these cabinets will also be able to function under snowy conditions and protect the components from splashing or hose directed water.

The outdoor power supply kiosks help to save space indoors. They can be installed for a single-phase or three-phase power supply. A single-phase supply would require a smaller enclosure for cost-saving purposes. A three-phase supply would need a large enough enclosure for a <100 amp supply.

At WTE, we can make these power supply enclosures in a modular design. That means that large enclosures can be made by joining smaller units together.

outdoor NEMA enclosure

Enclosures for Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

These outdoor NEMA enclosure should fundamentally be designed to handle the extreme conditions in hazardous locations. Our designs come pre-assembled and ready for wiring for an effortless installation. WTE solar power system enclosures protect against the elements; rain, snow, sleet, and ice. They will also shield your electrical components from the risk of splashing or hose-directed water.

Wi-Fi Enclosures

It’s standard to have wireless equipment installed in outdoor settings, especially in the case of public Wi-Fi in universities, amusement parks, etc. These communications systems would benefit from a weatherproof outdoor NEMA enclosure that is also safe for the personnel.

Our design options include both screw cover and hinge cover wall-mount boxes with knockouts. Bodies and doors are fabricated from 304 and 316 grade stainless steel. The cabinets feature a drip shield top and a padlockable handle.

Other Design Options

Double Door

The outdoor NEMA enclosure comes with double doors, a drip shield, and gasket doors with a locking handle.

Multi-Door Freestanding

You can choose from 3 to 12-door options. The boxes feature continuously welded seams ground smooth, and heavy-duty lifting eyes for secure handling. The enclosures also have grounding provisions and may include LED lighting, continuous steel hinges for supporting each door, and a 3-point latching system with padlocking handles.

Transformer Housing

These NEMA outdoor enclosures are used as medium voltage compartments for electrical transformers in substations and more significant commercial buildings. WTE transformer enclosures are weatherproof and insulated for shock protection. They shield the components from the ingress of rainwater, splashing water, and ice as per the NEMA type 3R guidelines.

We make them with configurable holes for wiring, and a drainage provision for liquid-filled transformers. Our design options include double-door hinge cover and multi-door freestanding enclosures.

Trust West Tool Enclosure to Fulfill Your Enclosure Needs

Regardless of the rating or enclosure design, West Tool Enclosures has the answers. We have affordable and versatile outdoor NEMA enclosure designs that also meet IP65 requirements. With us, you can expect sturdy and weatherproof outdoor enclosures that are resistant to snow, ice, and rain.

We also give you a chance to take part in the design process for configurable boxes that rightly suit your project needs. Contact us for more information.