Custom Enclosures Built to Order

custom enclosure for arc-flash protection

Are you looking for a custom enclosure for your project or product? If so, then you have come to the right place. There are numerous enclosure manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. However, if you want to get a custom enclosure designed for your specific needs, then you need to choose a reliable manufacturer.

Choosing the right enclosure manufacturer/supplier who produces custom enclosures is a resourceful and cost-effective approach to generating tailored enclosures and in massive quantities.

At West Tool Enclosures (WTE), we are your best bet for quality, configured, custom enclosures tailored to suit both your needs as well as budget effectively. We afford you control over the standards of quality as well as offer you an exclusive product you cannot get anywhere else.

Where to Get Custom Enclosures Built-to-Order

At WTE, we provide you with project management starting from the initial phase of the enclosure design to delivery of customized products for your needs.

We generate enclosures from varying materials. Besides offering you aesthetically appealing products, we also offer our products at a competitive price. It is no surprise that we rank among the top enclosure manufacturers in the USA.

At WTE, we create and supply custom enclosures to suit multiple applications. To effectively offer the best services to each of our customers, we also deliver ready-made custom products hence easing your process of installation. From design to manufacturing, our expert engineers and designers work to uphold high quality effectively.

You can rest easy knowing that your final custom enclosure is functional, durable, and long-lasting. With over a decade worth of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can offer you the solution you are looking for.

custom enclosure holes cut for you

What to Consider for Your Custom Enclosure

If you are looking for a custom enclosure, you might already envision the perfect electrical/electronic enclosure you are looking for. While getting a functional product is one thing, creating it to feel and look precisely as per the user’s specifications is an entirely different aspect—and one in which we specialize.

Building custom enclosures can vary from designing simple electrical boxes to distinctly elaborate contraptions. Nonetheless, there are numerous details worth considering. Besides just the consideration of the shape and size of the components, you also need to establish how the electronics will stick in place as well as how the user will subsequently access power and sensors.

Luckily, we are well-equipped to guide you through this entire process. Besides our guidance and expertise on the various custom enclosure options available, we have a wide-ranging set of designs from which you can choose.

With our unique designs, not only do you get inspiration for your project, but you also get visual cues and context on the usability and functionality of your custom enclosure, as well as a custom design that conveys an exclusive message which sets the enclosure’s tone.

Custom Enclosure Services

At WTE, we also provide you with an assortment of different services to effectively customize a standard product, subsequently ensuring that enclosures are delivered “ready for wiring”.

When you purchase a standard enclosure, you will find multiple options from a wide array of manufacturers and suppliers. However, when you want several modifications to your enclosure, and perhaps want high volumes of such, it is always best to choose a manufacturer/supplier recognized for providing custom enclosures.

West Tool Enclosures is your ideal pick. When it comes to custom enclosures, we offer several different modifications depending on your specifications. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Enclosure sizes that match your precise dimensional needs
  • Door cutouts
  • Fitted controls and terminals
  • Cable entries
  • Assemble to order
three-door custom stainless steel enclosure

Materials Used in Custom Enclosures

Nothing quite says that a final product is worthy of respect than a customized metal casing. With this in mind, we strive to create your custom enclosure with unique materials. While having metal enclosures may come off as a rather costly housing solution, it yields remarkable benefits, particularly concerning reliability.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Custom Enclosure

Now that you have an idea of what it entails to get a custom enclosure built to order, your next step is making your custom enclosure order. Usually, the best way to acquire a quality, appealing, and gratifying custom enclosure that adequately suits your needs is to go for a recognized custom stainless steel manufacturer.

While there are several suppliers/manufacturers suited to help you realize your dream, it is crucial that you only go for the best option available—and at WTE, we are your ideal pick. Don’t just take our word; here are some of the reasons why we are the best custom enclosure manufacturers in the market:


With a robust industry experience stretching well over a decade, we create custom enclosures that guarantee both reliable performance and durability. In fact, over the years our clientele has significantly grown in numbers, and as you would imagine this can only be due to the satisfaction that our products provide.

UL-Listed Products

Our custom enclosures are built using modern technology that not only guarantees quality and safety but also effectively adheres to all the necessary enclosure regulations. All our custom enclosures are NEMA rated and/or UL listed, a certification that ensures that our products are the ideal solution for the specified applications and settings they are designed to suit.

Short Turn-Around Times

Much of the complaints from customers across the globe about custom enclosures is the significantly long time it takes to get delivered. In fact, the industry average delivery time stands at more than eight weeks! However, by choosing us you can delight in our prompt delivery which only takes an average of two weeks until you have your finished product.

Fully-Assembled Custom Enclosures

Finally, one of the factors that distinguish us from the competition is our subsequent delivery of fully-assembled items, which has set us as the only American firm known to deliver their merchandise fully-assembled right at your doorstep! As such, by choosing us you can be sure that your custom enclosure will be easy to install and delivered rather promptly to your delight.

customized stainless steel enclosure


All in all, the best way to ensure that you get a quality, custom enclosure, built-to-order, and promptly delivered to your address is by choosing a reliable custom enclosure manufacturer. At WTE, our unique custom enclosure servicing can adequately meet all your personal and industrial requirements.

We provide you with a wide array of custom enclosures made from various exclusive materials and designed to satisfy all your unique application needs effectively. Browse our detailed enclosure choices or contact us today to discuss your custom enclosure.

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