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UL Type 4X Enclosure Protection & Prevention

NEMA 4X enclosure

Electrical safety standards in the United States are set by two main organizations: NEMA and UL. The ratings of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are based on similar applications and performance expectations. The difference between the definitions of the two companies is just the language used and the requirement for independent inspections. West Tool Enclosures provides the best NEMA and UL electrical enclosures on the market.  With a vast catalog of sizes and configurations to choose from.  Get Started here!

UL is an independent certification and consulting firm based in Northbrook, Illinois. The organization has over 100 years of experience in innovation of safety solutions. They are dedicated to promoting safe working and living conditions. UL demands strict compliance examination of electrical enclosures by qualified independent inspectors. The company dispatches competent site evaluators to the manufacturers to ensure compliance with the appropriate material specifications and production techniques.

Here we will look at the protection that a UL type 4X enclosure offers.

UL Type 4X Enclosure Protection

A UL type 4X enclosure is non-ventilated, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The enclosure is purposely structured to protect against the following elements:

  • Rain and windblown dust
  • Hose-directed water
  • Splashing water
  • Corrosion due to caustic chemicals
  • Damage from exterior ice formation

UL type 4X enclosures are mostly used in regions with high exposure to substantial amounts of water. Such places include dairies, ship docks, and breweries. However, the enclosures shouldn’t be viewed as submersible.

Because of their remarkable weather resistance, type 4X enclosures are fitting for highly sensitive electronic or electrical equipment. They provide a high level of protection to such equipment from a variety of external elements. The units are heavily gasketed and utilize firm clamps on the doors to offer a maximum seal.

NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure

Why You Should Buy A UL Type 4X Enclosure from West Tool Enclosures

If you’re seeking a certified UL type 4X enclosure, then West Tool Enclosures (WTE) is the place to go. At WTE we offer high-quality units which guard against access to specific materials by utilizing the latest designs, materials, and technology.

Here’s why you should choose West Tool Enclosures for your electrical enclosure:


WTE offers the best quality stainless steel electrical enclosures. Each is built with pride by skilled Midwestern craftsmen to the best of standards. All our boxes meet or exceed the set industry standards for different applications. We use 304 grade stainless steel for the less challenging settings and rugged 316 stainless steel for highly corrosive environments. Stainless steel piano hinges run the whole length of the doors so that access and functionality stay intact.

Short Turn-Around Time

WTE is among the leading companies with short lead times that usually don’t go beyond two weeks. That’s convenient compared to the industry average turn-around time of 8–10 weeks. If you need a quick delivery of a UL type 4X enclosure, then WTE is the best option.

Seamless Ordering and Design Process

Plain and simple, WTE has the best ordering process for electrical enclosures on the worldwide web. We make it simple for you to go to our design tool, and choose a base configuration. After that, we guide you step-by-step through the process of modification. You’ll easily see the accessories that fit your UL type 4X enclosure. Additionally, you can download Cad files, specifications sheets, submittal documents, and more in a single place. Lastly, when you achieve the right design, you’ll receive pricing details (with possible discounts). If all the choices overwhelm you, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful representatives. They’ll be more than happy to assist you in constructing the ideal electrical box.

Easy Configuration to Suit Your Specific Needs

Regardless of the size, shape, features, or extra brackets your project needs, we can craft a long-lasting solution. Our company manufactures an enormous range of stainless steel enclosures and junction boxes with a wide variety of measurements. Some of our products even come with specialized parts for almost every conceivable application. WTE looks forward to helping you find the unit you require.

Cut to Order

We provide custom cutting for different sizes and shapes of stainless steel electrical enclosures. Whether you want cut holes for your air ducts, buttons, service entrances, or HMIs, at WTE we have you covered. Small mistakes in placement may result in large issues when it comes to the installation time, so creating that perfect fit is important. Accurate holes cutting for items like air conditioners will save you time, energy, and money when it comes time to install. Above all, precise cutting boosts safety and efficiency for your workers.

Easy to Install

WTE is one of the only companies in America that delivers fully assembled electrical boxes, ready for wiring, straight to the client’s facility. That speeds up the process for you, and it also minimizes the installation headache. Furthermore, not needing to assemble the box yourself saves you a lot of time and money. Many people overlook the ease of installing until they have had to install one of our competitors’ products.

Functional Colors

The powder coat finish WTE uses is available in three standard shades: white, forest green, and ANSI 61 gray. With white, heat absorption is minimized which is especially helpful for electrical enclosures that face direct sunlight. A forest green outdoor electrical enclosure blends perfectly with nature and offers a high aesthetic appeal. ANSI 61 gray offers maximum glare reduction, making it ideal for indoor manufacturing facilities. We also offer other color options, usually at no extra cost to you.

Made in America Durability

WTE products have exceptional durability. With our headquarters in Minnesota, we prioritize construction that can withstand surrounding environmental conditions and last for years upon years. Sure, it’s possible to find cheap imported knock-offs on the market, but many of those products just don’t hold up to constant use. In the long run, buying a quality enclosure that lasts just makes better financial sense.

Highly Experienced Team

The craftsmen at WTE have many years of experience creating custom solutions for customers across the United States. We can help you with most electrical problems as we have already solved similar issues in our long work history.

Exceptional Value

We use competitive pricing for our electrical enclosures, lift station boxes, and control panels. Since our quality is guaranteed, that brings long lasting value.

Common Applications for Our Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures

  • Indoor and outdoor junction boxes
  • Control panels for municipal lift stations and sewage lift stations
  • NEMA/UL enclosures for manufacturing sites
  • Control houses for huge operations
  • New residential construction that needs waterproof electrical enclosures
  • Rural water utility lift station boxes
  • Stainless steel enclosures made for custom applications
  • A personalized box for the oil and gas sector
  • An exterior equipment enclosure for other settings that handle toxic materials
  • Outside boxes for land development work

Allow WTE to Make it Easier for You

Most people outside our industry spend very little time thinking about the proper size of control panels and electrical enclosures. The only time people usually think about it is when a problem arises. Such issues include difficult installation, improper fitting, doors sticking, project delays because of late delivery of products, etc. Let us reduce the hassle for you through speedy delivery of pre-assembled, long-lasting products. Contact us today, and speak to one of the members of our competent staff. With us, you’re bound to forget about electrical enclosures, because you’ll get a well-built, long-lasting product at the right price.