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What is an IP-Rated Junction Box?

IP-rated junction box

The most important purpose of an outdoor junction box is to keep dirt, debris, and moisture from getting inside. Boxes that come with such protections, i.e., waterproof capabilities and particle-resistant builds, are known as IP-rated junction boxes. West Tool Enclosures provides the best IP-rated junction boxes on the market.  With a vast catalog of sizes and configurations to choose from.  Get Started here!

Any junction box with an IP rating is capable of resisting a certain amount of liquid and solid penetration. However, they’re not all the same. Some boxes can only stop vertical drips of water. Others can survive full immersion.

West Tool Enclosures (WTE) has been manufacturing configurable IP-rated junction boxes for years. We build waterproof enclosures designed for all environments, so whether you need to protect your electrical systems from stray dust, debris, or water, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding IP Ratings

IP stands for Ingress Protection or International Protection. An IP rating is a standard of evaluation that measures how well-sealed an enclosure is against intrusion, foreign bodies, and moisture. The EN 60529 international standard defines the IP rating system.

A typical IP rating looks something like this: IP65. The two digits represent the level of protection an enclosure has against solid and liquid foreign objects.

The first digit represents solids. In our IP65 junction box, for instance, the six means that it is entirely resistant to dust. The five means that it can withstand low jets of water from any direction.

To understand what an IP-rated junction box is capable of handling, you need to know how to read the ratings. An IP66 junction box is fully protected from solid intrusion and strong jets of water. An IP00 junction box, on the other hand, has no protection against moisture and intrusions whatsoever.

A junction box with an IP36 rating excels against high levels of moisture, but objects smaller than a 2.5mm wire can easily penetrate. Meanwhile, an IP63 rated junction box is fully protected against dust ingress but cannot protect against horizontal or even acute sprays of water.

WTE recommends that you assess your environment first to determine the level of solid and liquid protection you’ll need. We create junction boxes for all sorts of settings, and we make it easy for you to select precisely what you need using our online design tool.

Why does IP Rating Matter?

What matters when selecting an IP rated junction box? IP ratings are your guideline to the level of protection offered by each junction box. They specify the kind of environment for which a junction box is most suited. Knowing the required IP rating for a particular setup is essential. Otherwise you might not protect it as adequately as is necessary.

IP ratings are perhaps the most crucial to the durability and longevity of a junction box. An IP-rated junction box will provide better protection for electrical components, and it will do so for much longer than a junction box without protection.

A protected box is resistant to solids that can scratch and damage it. Similarly, it can deflect moisture, which is the cause of rust.

An advantage you get with WTE enclosures and junction boxes is that they can be outfitted with functional powder-coated finishes. Powder coating stands up to rust and corrosion very well, so it can dramatically improve the life of a carbon steel junction box.

We offer a wide range of colors too, because our clients need junction boxes for different locations. There’s an anti-glare color choice (ANSI 61 gray), a forest green to help your enclosure blend into the environment, a reflective white finish that is good for protecting components against heat from the sun, and a heap of other options to suit your preference.

Even without the protective layer, our boxes are durable. We craft them from high-grade stainless steel starting from 304 to the rugged and unforgiving 316, which provides heavy-duty protection.

What is the Best IP Rated Junction Box to Buy?

Remember, the better the protection a junction box can offer, the more costly it will be to manufacture. Most use cases don’t require extreme protection, but then again, you can’t afford to take chances with your delicate electrical systems.

The question is what type of IP-rated junction box is right for your situation?

Personal Safety

For personal safety and the safety of your employees, you need a junction box with an IP rating of at least IP1x (x stands for the value of water resistance level). Junction boxes rated IP10 to IP17 protect electrical components from solids greater than 50mm in size (hands, objects, etc.) Smaller solids can still get through.

Physical Intrusion

If you need a junction box that’s resistant to physical intrusion (such as copper wires and small tools bigger than 1mm in size), the junction box should at least have a rating for IP4x.

Enclosures with a rating of at least IP40 to IP47 can’t be tampered with using small tools and wires. They are adequately protected against physical intrusion.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain demands adequate water protection. For this, the best junction box must have an IP rating of at least IPx4 (x here stands for dust ingress value).

An IP04 junction box can withstand water sprays from multiple directions. It, however, doesn’t do so well with pressurized jets of water.

Environments like car washes demand junction boxes with at least IP05 protection. An IP05 junction box can withstand multidirectional low-pressure jets of water. An IP06 junction box handles high-pressure jets, and an IP07 junction box can withstand full liquid immersion for depths of up to 1 meter.

Depending on the intensity of the downpour, any one of these junction boxes can offer excellent protection against torrential rain and excessively wet weather.

Dusty Environment

The best IP-rated junction box for environments with floating dust and debris must have an IP rating of at least IP6x. This junction box is completely protected from dust ingress. It is suitable for environments like mills, mines, quarries, and places with lots of floating dust and debris.

Any junction box rated between IP60 and IP69K is impervious to dust-sized particles.

IP-rated junction boxes

Need an IP Rated Junction Box? Here’s Why WTE is the Right Place to Look

WTE has been involved in the manufacture of high-end stainless steel enclosures for years. What this means is that we know our stuff. Electrical enclosures made from durable materials, highly functional finishes, and a wide range of customization options make us the best in the business when it comes to electrical enclosures of any kind. But why should you choose us to supply you with IP-rated junction boxes?

Our Junction Boxes are Cut to Order

Tired of sending back enclosures because they’re not cut to your specifications? Problems like these don’t exist in our neck of the woods. All WTE enclosures are cut to order, which means every wire, every conduit, and every button has just the right cut out.

Poorly made cuts are a headache to install. Remember, you have a lot more to lose than just time. Badly cut enclosures are less efficient. They use up more energy to cool the inside, and since they have open spaces, they are more easily penetrated by dust and moisture.

We have heard our fair share of complaints about our competitors and their inaccurately placed cuts. Not us! We are very meticulous about meeting our clients’ specifications. All our enclosures are cut to order so that they arrive ready to wire.

Two Weeks to Fulfill Your Order

You needn’t read that a second time. As unbelievable as it is, we are the only enclosure manufacturer that is capable of fulfilling orders in just two weeks. Typically, you’d have to wait at least a month for an enclosure. It sometimes takes up to 8 weeks with other manufacturers.

WTE isn’t just all about efficiency; we want to help you save time too. Time is money, and the sooner you have your enclosure, the quicker you can start or resume business.

We Ship Fully Assembled Enclosures

One thing most of the other electrical enclosure manufacturers have in common is that their enclosures are not easy to install. It is partially because not everyone is an electrical engineer, but it is mostly because assembling any enclosure from scratch is not a cakewalk.

That’s not a problem our clients experience because we are one of the only companies that ships out fully assembled enclosures. All you need is rudimentary knowledge on enclosures to install it. Since everything is cut precisely to order, the process of installation and wiring can be straightforward.

Easy-to-Order IP-Rated Junction Boxes

Ordering an enclosure is not rocket science, so it should be quick and easy. That’s why our online design tool was created. It allows you to place your order in the simplest way possible, all the while including all the features and configurations you need.

You start with a base design then select attachments/options in a simple step-by-step process. Once you’re satisfied, you can even download cad files and submittal documents if you need hard copies of your enclosure.

We will only invoice you once you are sure you’ve got what you need. Our process helps us eliminate mistakes that can be costly to our clients both in terms of money and time.

Quality You Can Trust

American-made quality is not something to take lightly. With a market full of cheap knock offs, you need assurance that you’re getting an IP-rated junction box with a quality build and excellent craftsmanship.

WTE products typically last longer because they are built using superior materials and state-of-the-art equipment. You can trust that our enclosures will serve you much longer and provide better protection. Try our design tool and register an account to keep track of your custom builds for easy ordering.