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Create Your Custom-Designed Electrical Enclosure

custom-designed electrical enclosure

A custom-designed electrical enclosure should be just that: customized. It should be in the right dimensions and have precisely placed cutouts, otherwise, your project will suffer. As a rule of thumb, electrical enclosures must protect their contents from human and mechanical interference. Even the most rudimentary enclosure can do this without an issue. When additional protection is necessary, such as shielding from moisture, dust, and chemicals, getting the specifications right becomes even more crucial. West Tool Enclosures provides the best custom-designed electrical enclosures on the market. With a vast catalog of sizes and configurations to choose from.  Get Started here!

Even the slightest error in cutout placement or enclosure dimensions can and will cost you more than you’re ready to spend. The importance of precision when it comes to designing a stainless steel enclosure for a specific application cannot be overstated. A few millimeters can be enough to make the entire enclosure completely useless!

West Tool Enclosures (WTE) assists many customers who have had bad experiences with electrical enclosure manufacturers. In most of their cases, the custom-designed electrical enclosure they ordered was not up to expectations, forcing some of them to shell out extra cash to ship back the enclosures and have them re-designed. The average stainless steel enclosure manufacturer takes 8–10 weeks to deliver, so you can imagine how much time is lost when you’re forced to return your enclosures because they are not cut to order.

How do we avoid problems like these at WTE? By letting our customers design their junction boxes and electrical enclosures, of course. It sounds like the obvious thing to do to avoid errors in design, so it is astounding that we are the only company with a powerful yet easy-to-use design tool that lets our customers pick out every aspect of their configurable stainless steel electrical enclosure, then download a CAD file and mark it up with any additional cutouts or features you require.

The West Tool Enclosures Online Design Tool

When we say that our online design tool is the best for creating custom-designed electrical enclosures, we’re not just blowing hot air. It is extremely easy to create and modify the stainless steel enclosure you need using the design tool, and our task is to deliver the final product to your doorstep.

The tool allows you to first pick a base configuration for your junction box or electrical enclosures. Afterward, we take you through the modification process step by step where you get to configure the enclosure to your exact specifications and accessorize it to suit your electrical setup.

We want you to see exactly what you’re getting even before we begin fabricating your stainless steel enclosure. We go as far as providing you with spec sheets, cad files, submittal documents, and any other information you might need to create your custom-designed electrical enclosure over the internet.

When you’ve registered an account, you can save and track all your projects in one place. It’s hard to get overwhelmed using our design tool, but in case you are, our helpful staff is always on hand to walk you through the design process. You can contact us with all your design queries, and we will help you construct the ideal stainless steel electrical enclosure.

custom-designed electrical enclosure

Why You Should Custom Design Your Electrical Enclosure with West Tool Enclosures

Quality midwestern craftsmanship, American-made durability, the best stainless steel in the industry—take your pick. West Tool Enclosures isn’t just any other enclosure manufacturer. We set ourselves apart from the rest with our superior products and our ability to manufacture electrical enclosures for every application under the sun.

Exact Custom Cutting Eliminates Issues During Installation

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people struggle to install enclosures from other manufacturers. Most of the time, errors in cut hole placement are the culprit. As we mentioned, it doesn’t take much to make an enclosure a nightmare to install; just a few millimeters are usually enough.

All our custom-designed electrical enclosures are cut-to-order, and so every cutout is placed precisely where it should be. That means air ducts, buttons, conduits, and HMIs fit perfectly on all our custom enclosures, allowing the installation process to go smoothly, and ensuring that your electrical components are adequately protected. Remember, errors like these cost you precious installation time.

We Can Easily Configure Enclosures to Suit Your Specific Needs

We appreciate that every electrical setup is different. Over the years, WTE has configured a lot of enclosures for different uses. Whether you need a NEMA enclosure for your manufacturing plant, an outdoor electrical enclosure for electrical equipment, or a junction box to keep wiring and circuits safe and protected, we have you covered.

We design and accessorize stainless steel electrical enclosures with unique additions like motion activated lights, door stops, lifting rings, and every specialized part your electrical setup needs.

You Get to Choose Every Aspect of Your Enclosure Including the Color

When you design your stainless steel electrical enclosure with WTE, you get to pick every aspect of its design, including the color. We offer a wide range of functional powder coat finishes in colors suited to different environments.

These functional finishes allow you to achieve glare reduction in highly reflective environments, blend your enclosure with your surroundings, keep your electrical components from overheating under direct sunlight, and more. Usually, we don’t charge you extra for your preferred color finish, so you can get whatever works best for you.

We Only Use High-Quality Stainless Steel

This is one area where WTE doesn’t skimp. If there is one thing we swear by, it is the quality of our stainless steel enclosures. We’re talking industrial-grade 316 stainless steel that can withstand the most caustic environments, piano hinges on the entire length of the enclosure door, and incredible craftsmanship that leaves no room for errors and flaws.

With all of our stainless steel enclosures, you get better protection and durability than you would from other enclosure manufacturers. That’s how serious we are about quality.

Your Custom Enclosure Will Arrive Ready for Wiring

You never think about the installation process until you receive an enclosure that’s literally in pieces—in separate shipments even! It is when you’re laboring over the scattered components trying to figure out what goes where that you ask yourself, “How hard is it for them to send me a fully assembled product?”

For us, it is the norm to send our customers fully assembled enclosures, unless they specify otherwise. We are one of the only American enclosure companies that deliver fully-assembled electrical enclosures straight to your doorstep. When you order from us, what you typically get is a shipment of fully-assembled, cut-to-order, and ready-to-install custom electrical enclosures at your facility. With half the work done for you, imagine how much time and labor you’ll save during installation.

We Deliver in as Little as Two Weeks

In our line of business, time is money, and the longer you spend waiting for deliveries to arrive, the more you stand to lose. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that your electrical enclosure come long before you need them. It takes just two weeks to get your enclosure if you order from us.

In comparison, other manufacturers average an eight-week turnaround time. That’s six extra weeks spent waiting for an order, and when you find that your custom enclosures aren’t what you ordered, that’s another eight to ten weeks waiting for them to re-design them and send them back to you. That is a lot of time wasted.

Our two-week turnaround time applies to most custom orders, so if you need enclosures made and delivered on short notice, WTE is the place to look.

custom-designed electrical enclosure

Save Yourself the Grief, Custom Design Your Electrical Enclosures with WTE

It is only when a problem arises that people start questioning their choice of electrical enclosure manufacturer. A custom enclosure shouldn’t be difficult to install just because it is configured to one application. It shouldn’t have poorly made cutouts that leave your ducts, conduits, and electrical components vulnerable.

There’s no need to put yourself through the grief. West Tool Enclosures is all you need if you’re looking for configurable electrical enclosures constructed to your exact specifications, priced within your budget, and delivered on time.