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West Tool Enclosures vs. Saginaw Enclosures

stainless steel electrical enclosure

Electrical enclosures find use in a wide variety of residential and commercial/industrial applications. When sourcing for these enclosures, there are countless factors to consider, such as material make, sizing, durability, customization, and more. Working with a trusted brand makes your work easier.

With the right manufacturer, you can buy electrical enclosures knowing that you are getting exceptional quality and performance. Here we will compare our West Tool Enclosures (WTE) offerings versus that of Saginaw Enclosures.


WTE products have subtle design elements that will set you up for success in your projects. For starters, our enclosures are easily configurable to your needs. The stainless steel enclosures come in a wide range of measurements, and others come with a mix of parts that make them adaptable to every location.

Saginaw Enclosures might not give you the same versatility after they leave the manufacturer’s lair[?]. Their safety and efficiency are only assured if they are used in the same environment as detailed in the catalog specifications. Their electrical enclosures are also incompatible with accessories by other manufacturers.


At West Tool Enclosures, we leverage matchless expertise and endless capabilities to provide you with custom solutions. You can start by using our design tool to create an enclosure design that aligns well with your intended application. We will help you through the modification process. You will also get access to a wide range of accessories that fit your electrical enclosures.

Saginaw Enclosures also allows some degree of customization. The difference is the difficulty you must endure to customize your orders. Adding the holes, cutouts, buttons, and other specifications take a lot longer. There is no step-by-step support from the company through the process.

Ease of Installation

At West Tool Enclosures, we deliver complete and fully functional electrical enclosures to you. We understand the pressures you face daily, so we do everything on our part to speed up your projects by delivering your unit “ready for wiring”.

This kind of convenience is hard to find with our competitors, including Saginaw Enclosures. We work as an extended arm of your business, and we are actively invested in your success.

With Saginaw Enclosures, you will have to assemble the unit yourself. That can set you back when it comes to time and money. The installation process becomes overly complicated, as you must follow complicated assembly and installation manuals, and it’s not guaranteed that your needed enclosure will come with an assembly and installation manual at all!

functional colors from West Tool Enclosures not available from Saginaw Enclosures

Durability 978

At West Tool Enclosures, our products are sturdier, more durable, and more impact resistant. The resilience of WTE electrical enclosures will ensure that they remain in peak performance even after heavy equipment impacts. Our sturdy boxes are also impenetrable to intruders and burglars.

The powder coat finish on West Tool Enclosures enhances their performance, strength, and durability. We have appliance white, ANSI 61 grey, and forest green as standard colors, and many other colors are available usually at no addition charge. The white powder coat helps to minimize heat absorption, enhancing the cooling capabilities of enclosures used in sunny conditions. ANSI 61 grey provides glare reduction. Forest green and other available color options are provided for aesthetics.

Saginaw Enclosures also uses powder coatings for heat resistance, UV resistance, and chip resistance. There is no mention of leveraging functional colors for performance enhancement and environmental adaptability. For some clients, these are important considerations. With the increased expectations on performance capabilities, and in an environment of growing buyer intelligence, Saginaw Enclosures does not offer the options we do at WTE.

Quality Control

At West Tool Enclosures, we fuss about tiny details so that you don’t have to. We provide management and reliable process control to avoid costly mishaps. Our enclosures are built in compliance with the best standards in the industry, and they inspire confidence in all applications. You are guaranteed superior performance and safety from impacts and shocks through storage and installation of the boxes. We have accounted for unseen issues such as temperature, condensation, dust, and corrosion among others.

Ambient temperature in enclosures, together with the heat output from the components, can have dire consequences on the circuitry. This can lead to failure or force protective shutdown for safety reasons. Our enclosures are designed to reduce such interruptions.

For instance, precise holes on the units lengthen their lifespan by preventing overheating and the subsequent condensation which can adversely affect the circuitry. Our electrical cabinets are designed with cooling, humidity control, and dust-prevention in mind. Even better, the precise cutting with WTE enclosures guarantees the safety of your workers when they handle the cabinets.

Saginaw Enclosures might not yield the same reliable performance and year-after-year functionality as WTE. More than any competitor, we strive to anticipate the possible interferences, heating, or condensation that might affect your application. Those factors might increase the risk of equipment damage. We pride ourselves on mitigating those risks.


WTE products are designed for use in a wide range of environments. They deliver varying functionalities such as NEMA enclosures in manufacturing plants, lift station control panels, junction control boxes, and as waterproof electrical boxes for homes.

These electrical enclosures can also work in the oil and gas industry, hazardous environments, or as lift station control panels among others.

Saginaw enclosures do not come precut like West Tool enclosures

Lead Times

WTE products will be delivered much faster than most. Whether you want a ready-made or customized cabinet built from scratch, the turnaround time is under two weeks.

We have a team of dedicated craftsmen whose sole dedication is to attain success for our clients. It doesn’t in any way imply shortcuts or compromise when it comes to quality and innovation.

The same cannot be said for many of our competitors. With Saginaw Enclosures, customers have much longer wait times to get their orders delivered. Your projects can easily stall because of that, which could, in turn, lead to the loss of clients.

Ready for Use Solutions

At WTE, our enclosures are cut to order. That implies a high level of precision regarding your requested specifications. We understand how accuracy can impact the ease of installation, efficiency, and safety with electrical enclosures. Considering that, the cut holes and customization of our enclosures are made expertly.

With Saginaw Enclosures, there is the risk of placement errors, mainly because you don’t get company support during the modification process. The resultant deviations, no matter how marginal they might be, could result in severe installation headaches. Inaccurate hole cutting, for instance, could lead to unbearable cooling costs and expose your circuitry to moisture.


All WTE enclosures have competitive pricing. Our junction boxes are affordable, both in smaller sizes meant for residential use and larger sizes for commercial applications. We have an enduring commitment to quality, so you can expect enclosures that provide the best value for your money.

Saginaw enclosures might not be a good choice for small applications. They lack the same consistency in pricing, and their long-term value does not equal that of WTE.

West Tool Enclosures stands out as the best-in-class electrical enclosures. The clear cut difference between Saginaw enclosures and WTE is our commitment to quality, efficiency, and versatility.