Top 10 Reasons to Choose West Tool Enclosures for Your Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosures

picture of stainless steel electrical enclosure


West Tool Enclosures (WTE) provides the highest quality stainless steel electrical boxes. Each one is made with pride by proven Midwestern craftsmen to the highest of standards. Every box meets or exceeds the industry standards for your specific application. These are available in grade 304 stainless steel for less challenging location, and rugged 316 stainless steel for the most rigorous applications. Stainless steel piano hinges run the entire length of all doors, so that use and abuse does not interfere with access and functionality.

Shortest Turn-Around Time

We are among the industry leaders with short lead times that typically do not exceed two weeks, compared to the industry average of 8–10 weeks. Our two-week turn-around time even applies to most custom orders. If you need it quickly, you need West Tool Enclosures.

The Ordering/Design Process

Plainly and simply, we have the best process for ordering electrical enclosures on the internet. We make it so easy to go on our design tool, pick a base configuration, then we lead you step-by step through the modification process. It is easy to see all the accessories that fit it. You can download Cad Files, submittal documents, specs sheets, and more all in one place. Finally, when your design is just right, you get pricing (with your discount applied). Still a little overwhelmed by all the choices? Feel free to call our helpful staff at (218) 998-6171, and we will be happy to help you construct the perfect electrical enclosure.

Easily Configurable to Your Needs

No matter what size, shape, special features, or additional brackets your project requires, we can craft a durable solution. We have manufactured an enormous variety of stainless steel electrical enclosures and junction boxes with an enormous variety of measurements, some with specialized part, for nearly every conceivable location. We look forward to helping get just the box you need.

picture of electrical enclosure

Cut to Order

We offer exacting custom cutting for any junction box or stainless steel electrical enclosure of any size or shape. Whether you need custom cut holes for conduits, buttons, HMIs, air ducts, or service entrances, we have you covered. Don’t underestimate the importance of this when ordering your boxes. Small errors in placement can result in huge problems when it comes time to install. Precision can reduce cooling costs. Moreover, precise holes for things like your outdoor enclosure’s air conditioning unit will lengthen it’s life by allowing less air and moisture to penetrate the space. Perhaps most importantly, precise cutting increases safety and efficiency for your staff.

The Easiest Installation

We are the only American company that delivers fully-assembled electrical enclosures directly to your facility. Not only does this speed up the process for you, but it minimizes the headaches you sometimes get trying to do installation with one of our competitors’ products. Also, not having to assemble the unit yourself saves a lot of time, and saving time saves you money. The ease of installing a WTE product is often overlooked, until you have had to install a competitor’s product.

Functional Color

Powder coat finish is available in three standard colors: white, forest green, and 61 gray. White provides the least heat absorption, which is particularly helpful when your weatherproof electrical enclosure faces direct sunlight. The 61 gray application provides maximum glare reduction, which is ideal for inside manufacturing facilities. Forest green outdoor electrical enclosures blend in with the natural environment, and some say it has the most aesthetic appeal. Other colors are available too, usually at no addition cost.

American-Made Durability

West Tool Enclosures are built to last. We are based in Minnesota, so we prioritize construction that stands up to the elements and last for years and years. Yes, there are cheap, imported knock-offs available in some markets. Never mind the potential toxins in the paint, or the impact of imports on the economy; many of these products simply don’t hold up. Over the long run, investing in a quality product that lasts makes the most financial sense.

picture of weatherproof electrical enclosure


Our craftsmen have years and years of experience building custom solutions for clientele across the country. We know how to solve your problems because we have already solved problems like them in the past.

Great Value

WTE offers very competitive pricing on any electrical enclosure, lift station box, or control panel that you may want. Since our quality is unsurpassed, that creates great value that last for years.

Common Applications for Your Stainless Steel Electrical Enclosure

  • Municipal lift station control panels
  • Interior and exterior junction boxes
  • Indoor and outdoor NEMA enclosures for manufacturing plants
  • Control houses for large operations
  • New neighborhood/new home construction that requires waterproof electrical boxes or electrical boxes
  • Rural water utility lift station enclosures
  • Stainless steel boxes engineered for custom applications
  • A custom enclosure for the oil and gas industry
  • An Outdoor equipment enclosure for other environments that deal with toxic materials
  • Outdoor enclosures for land development projects
  • Sewage lift station control panels
  • Any other application requiring UL 12, UL 50, and UL Type 4 ratings
  • Any application requiring NEMA 3, NEMA 3R, NEMA 4X, or NEMA 12 rated enclosures

Let Us Make It Easy for You

Nobody outside our industry spends a lot of time thinking about the functionality of right-sized control panels and electric boxes. That is probably the way it should be. The only time people really focus on them is when there is a problem: installation is difficult; the cutting is not precise and something isn’t fitting; there is a delay in launching your project because the electrical enclosure manufacturer can’t get you the equipment quickly enough; low-quality workmanship is causing doors to stick or not properly align; etc. Let us take the hassle away with speedy delivery of pre-assembled components that are made to last. Contact us and let us allow you to forget about electrical enclosures again. Why? Because you get them done right, ahead of time, and under-budget with WTE.