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West Tool Enclosures vs. Hoffman Enclosures

complete stainless steel enclosure; compare to Hoffman

When shopping around for electrical enclosures, you may find yourself with a difficult choice to make. Quality construction affords exceptional durability, and sometimes you’d be forgiven for making this your bottom line. However, quality should not come at the expense of configuration variety, product lead time, and even after-sales service.

West Tool Enclosures (WTE) is a company that checks all those boxes and more. When it comes to UL Listed Control stainless steel junction boxes and enclosures, you couldn’t have picked a better partner. Supplying enclosures for manufacturers, municipals, and wastewater facilities is what we’re good at, and we strive to keep our standards high in everything we do.

There’s a lot of electrical enclosure manufacturers out there, but none like West Tool Enclosures. If you’re shopping around for an enclosure for the first time, it’s easy to wonder, “What does West Tool Enclosures bring to the table? What is their edge? Why should I pick them over Hoffman enclosures?”

We’ve Got Much Better Lead Times

Every WTE product, whether made from scratch or a configurable design, has a maximum lead time of 2 weeks.

Two weeks is a lot shorter than what you’d get from manufacturers like Hoffman enclosures or anyone else in the industry, who average an 8 to 10-week turn-around time on their enclosures.

If you don’t want to wait two months for your orders, West Tool Enclosures is exactly what you need. Time is money, after all. Have your junction boxes and electrical enclosures shipped to you in less than a month, save tons of time, and make more money.

All Our Products Are Built to Order

If there’s one trait all of our products bear, it is that they are all cut to order. The last thing anyone wants is to have an installation issue because the cut holes for HMIs, conduits, air duct, and buttons are not made properly.

This is a problem for which Hoffman enclosures doesn’t offer a solution as they do not provide the same type of custom cutting services we do at WTE. You won’t find better custom cutting anywhere else; so when you need your stainless steel electrical enclosures and junction boxes cut to precision, we are your go-to team.

We Deliver Ready to Wire Products

On top of great quality, an exceptional range of configurable products, and the best lead times in the business, West Tool Enclosures has one more advantage over competitors like Hoffman enclosures—and it is a huge one.

No other electrical enclosure companies deliver a fully-assembled enclosure straight to your facility. We are dedicated to making your experience as easy as possible right through to the last step, because let’s face it, installing a stainless steel enclosure is not exactly a walk in the park, especially with our competitor’s products.

WTE stainless steel enclosures and junction boxes arrive fully assembled and ready for installation. You save a lot in terms of time and money with an easy-to-install WTE product. Why go for anything else?

enclosure with powder coat; compare to Hoffman

Our Products Have Functional Finishes

The efficiency of any electrical enclosure, particularly one made of stainless steel, depends a lot on its placement. For that reason, WTE products can all be coated with functional powder coat finishes to adapt them to different environments.

Our products come in three standard colors:

  • ANSI 61 gray is designed for maximum glare reduction.
  • Forest green blends the enclosure or junction box with the natural environment.
  • White enclosures are designed to minimize heat absorption.

We manufacture enclosures in other colors too, usually without an additional fee. Whether you need to blend your enclosure with the outdoor environment, reduce glare in a factory, or create a cool environment for electrical components, WTE has just what you need.

Ordering from Us Is Easy

Like we said earlier, buying an enclosure is tedious work. You can attest to this if you’ve tried buying Hoffman enclosures online. It is easy to make mistakes that can affect your whole project. Fortunately for you, our design process makes ordering electrical enclosures on the internet a breeze.

Thanks to our design tool, you can create your enclosure design by first selecting a base configuration, then picking the right modifications in an easy step-by-step process. You can see the accessories that will fit your enclosure and get access to downloadable data such as spec sheets, CAD Files, and submittal documents.

We will even give you a quote once you’re done modifying your design so that all that’s left is placing the order and waiting for your shipment. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

We Are the Gold Standard

Quality is never an afterthought at WTE. All our boxes reflect our high standards and excellent midwestern craftsmanship. Our enclosures meet all industry standards, and they are configurable for different applications.

For instance, we offer both 316 and 304 stainless steel enclosures—one for toughing it out in rigorous environments and the other as an ideal choice for all other locations. Both Hoffman Enclosures and West Tool Enclosures make top quality products. The biggest difference lies in our attention to even the smallest details.

Our enclosures are made to withstand abuse without affecting functionality, which is why every door comes with a stainless steel piano hinge—as durable as the box itself—along its length. Now that’s quality.

You Can Feel Good About Our Prices

Unlike our competitors, WTE offers top-of-the-range products at consistent prices. No inflations or hidden fees will come your way. No matter how unique your demands are, we will satisfy them as affordably as possible.

Get the best deals on any of our products, be it a stainless steel enclosure, a control panel, or even a lift station box. With such great quality observed in all our products, you can rest assured that you’re getting maximum value for your money.

enclosure with cut holes; compare to Hoffman

You Need It; We Create It

It doesn’t matter how big or small, or how unique your enclosure needs to be; West Tool Enclosures is not only equipped to handle what you ask, but we’re also certain that we’re the best for the job.

We have been doing this for years, and our craftsmen have manufactured plenty of stainless steel junction boxes and electrical enclosures to facilities all over the country.

We are highly experienced in creating boxes with all kinds of specifications and specializations, and for every conceivable application and location. No matter how difficult or impossible it might seem, talk to us, and we will help you find a solution that will last for years.

We Provide Trusted Original Products

Sadly, the enclosure market is filled with knockoffs and cheap imitations. You are better off spending your money on an original, American-made electrical enclosure that will last for years to come. With West Tool Enclosures, quality and safety are of extreme importance, and we pride ourselves on doing things the right way, not the easy way.

West Tool Enclosures Stays a Cut Above the Rest

With industry-leading quality, the shortest lead times in the business, endless configuration options, and fully-assembled deliveries, Hoffman enclosures just doesn’t compare. When you don’t shop smart, you end up with enclosure boxes that don’t hold up very long and are not very efficient.

Steer clear of knockoffs and imitations from our competitors, and get the most affordable, high-quality junction boxes and electrical enclosures, all made out of high-grade stainless steel, exclusively from West Tool Enclosures.